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Security camera with phone application
Bullet cameras and HD DVR

CCTV Services:

Same day service offered.

* Video security systems installation

and set-up.

* Installation, maintenance and

service of video security cameras.

* Coaxial video, audio, low voltage,

or network cable installation.

* Upgrade existing older analog

systems to High Definition and 4K systems.

We connect your camera system

to an existing internet connection.

Magic Viewer phone application

with audio monitoring is our favorite.


Video Security Systems

for any business or


* Family Restaurants 

* Night Clubs and Bars

* Pizza and Delivery

* Fast Food restaurants

* Taco Shops

* Coffee shops and cafes

* General retail stores

* Grocery stores and markets

* Clothing stores

* Bakeries and Doughnut shops

* Liquor and wine stores

* Gas stations & mini markets

* Phone stores

* Car Washes

* Schools and day care centers

* Retail strip centers

* Food Trucks 

* Homes and apartments

Video Security benefits for business:

Monitor and improve customer service.

Check out customer volume. 

Control liquor dispensing in bars.

Observe customer shopping preferences.

Reduce shoplifting and internal theft.

Identify criminals who are wanted by police.

Improve and monitor employee productivity.

Monitor inventory delivery and usage.

Control employee personal phone usage.

Monitor waste disposal areas.

  Limit or eliminate illegal drug use or sales.

Residential :

Monitor your home to protect

family, children, or senior citizens.

Check on baby sitters.

Verify that senior caretakers are doing their job.

Monitor your pets while you work.

Watch your home while at work or vacation.

Protect vehicles and other property.

Monitor short term vacation rentals.

Partial customer list:

Southern California.

* Dixieline Home Centers, San Diego County

* Handlery Hotel, San Diego.

* Plaza Building, San Diego.

* Mission Valley Hilton, San Diego.

* Santa Fe Square, Solana Beach.

* Gas Depot, El Cajon.

* Embassy Suites Hotel, San Diego.

* Tony's Mexican Food, 7 locations.

* Oscar's Mexican Food, San Marcos and Poway.

*  La Michoacana Ice Cream, Huntington Park.

* 7-11 locations, San Diego. 

* Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church Day Care.

* Weinershnitzel, El Cajon.

* Newport Liquor, Ocean Beach.

* The Black, Ocean Beach.

* Big City Bagels, San Diego.

* Keil's Food Stores, San Carlos.

* Los Tito's Mexican Food, 4 locations. 

* Roberto's Taco Shops, 3 San Diego locations.

* Hoarders Self Storage, Chula Vista.

* Maddox Liquor, San Diego.

* Del Sol Market, San Diego.

* Sergio's Mexican Food, 2 San Diego locations.

* Super Oscar's Mexican Food, La Mesa.

* Catalano's Pizza, San Diego.

* Tocumbo Ice Cream, San Diego.

* Tuscany Liquor, Lake Elsinore.

* Families Market, San Diego.

* Tropical Star Restaurant & Market, San Diego.

El Sabor de la Baja Restaurant, Chula Vista.

* Barrio Star Restaurant, San Diego.

* 1st & Ivy Market & Deli, San Diego.

* Pedro's Tacos, 2 locations, San Clemente.

* Santana's Mexican Food, Lemon Grove.

* Rosarito's Mexican Food, 4 locations, San Diego.

* DG Wills Books, La Jolla.

*Vero's Mexican and Seafood Restaurant, Temecula.


for a free estimate:


Hablamos Español

Bonded and Insured

Cal. Contractor's Lic. #: 843938


Email Address*





DVRs and NVRs.

Call Today: 619-246-4158

for a free estimate, or

general information.

Monitor your home or business

24/7 with a high quality, affordable video security system.

Professional installation, training

and support included.

Lic.#: 843938

Established 1989


* New 8 Megapixel 4K Ultra High Definition

security  cameras and DVRs.

* IP based NVRs with POE cameras

* Custom system design for each customer.

* Day-Night color cameras.

* Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras for large areas.

* Audio monitoring

on phone or computer.

* Upgrade older systems to

high definition cameras and DVR

using existing cables.

* 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 Channel DVRs.

* 2-8 Megapixel HD Cameras.

* Your choice of monitor size.

* Audio is available for each camera.

on select DVRs.

* We install Magic Viewer or other apps

on your phone or tablet.

* Monitor your system live over the internet,

or review recorded events from your phone,

tablet, laptop, or PC.

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