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* SAM4s SAP-6600/ 630

 Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems.

* SAM4s Cash Registers.

* Scanners, Printers, Scales.

* POS system programming.

San Diego, California.

Call Today:

Tel: 619-246-4158

Hablamos Español !

Dependable, affordable, easy to use, the SAM4s SAP 6600/ 630 POS systems are a great choice for restaurants, bars, fast food, and general retail businesses. New Android operating system provides many new features and improvements. 

Industry standard ethernet connections.   Does not have to be connected to the internet to operate.

Customers with existing SAM4s systems such as SPS-2000, or SPS-500 series can use existing PLU files.  These can be transferred to new SAP-6600/630 systems, saving many hours of building a new PLU barcode file.  Fast food systems programs can be transferred, and you will have screens using items in the same locations.

Optional integrated credit and debit card processing is available . Branded gift cards are also available.

Designed for reliability: no hard drive, EPROM program storage, no single point of failure, quiet, no fan. Android based software, rock solid performance.  Frequent upgrades

Optional POS components: rear display or screen. Magnetic card reader, easy save-load operation with thumbnail drive, built-in network capability. WiFi connection to tablets is available. Internet connection is not required to operate.  Your sales and database is saved locally on your system, not on the cloud.

Accountable Business Systems provides custom programming for every business.

Your menu or inventory list will be used to create a unique program for each customer. English and Spanish programming and training is available.

Quick Service Features

* Store and re-call Drive Through, Phone-In, and Delivery Orders.

* Modifier feature describes and prices items

* Tracks all cashier sales and employee labor

* Tracks item and ingredient inventory usage

* Delivery customer data base

* Keylink menu screens for menu items, condiments, and flavors

* Kitchen Video requisition system

* Multiple system reports available

* Automatic end of day reports set by time

* Time activated functions such as price levels, reports, is an optional feature

* Track labor cost with Time and Attendance feature

* Integrated credit/debit card processing using EMV terminals

* Remote polling of all reports and programming with optional PC based software

Liquor and Wine, Grocery features:

* Bar Code Scanning- accurate, consistent pricing

* Easy to use price check system for large scan files

* Connect scales for  produce or candy price per pound sales

* Add items on the fly, with Not found PLU feature for scanning systems

* Price embedded bar-codes for delis, meat, and produce applications

* Case and unit pricing

* CRV programming provides links to any item

* Multiple discounts and Mix and Match promotional features

* Connect standard peripherals, such as printers, scanners, coin dispensers

* Complete system reports at POS system or with mobile application

* Integrated credit and debit card EMV processing

* Optional Polling and Inventory Software back office software

* View sales reports by week, month, 6 months, year end

Restaurant, Fast Food Quick Service, Pizza & Delivery

* Print Check once or reprint check and add items as necessary

* Assign seat numbers for order delivery and separate payments

* Store and recall by table map, table number, or customer name

* Add next round of drinks with one touch with Repeat function

* Sign employees on and off with magnetic employee cards

* Tip reporting

* Customer database for delivery businesses

* Graphical table management 

* Integrated EMV Debit, Credit, and Gift Card payments

* Time and Attendance

* Standard Network Support and WIFI connection to remote tablets is available

* View reports on your smart phone with Mobile App

* POS System pricing:

  SAM4s SAP 6600 System:

  (1)SAM4s SAP 6600 Terminal

   Thermal POS Printer

   Cash Drawer

   All programming and installation

   One Year Warranty Parts and Labor

   Price: $ 2,595.00

  System w/ 1 Remote printer: $ 2,795.00

        Credit cards accepted 

Call for pricing for multiple

terminal installations, and other configurations.

Integrated Credit/Debit card processing 

using EMV terminals is available.

General retail configurations with scanners,

scales, and other peripherals are also available. 

Call for pricing and terms:

 Tel: 619-246-4158           




SAM4s SAP 6600

Call Today:

(619) 246-4158

Hablamos Español

SAM4s 630 Raised Keybord

SAM4s SAP 630


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